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About Me

I am a work at home mom – a WAHMy, if you will. I’ve served dual roles of mother and co-breadwinner (my husband also works from home – I guess that makes him a… WAHDy?) for two years now. Though I’ve had plenty of time to adjust, I’m still getting used to my reality. This is not really what I thought my life would be like. Growing up, I figured I would be a teacher (preferably in another country), a foreign correspondent, a veterinarian, a violinist, or an adventurer. I was convinced that my existence was going to be pretty darn exciting – and that parenthood would never, ever be for me. Now, I spend most of my days in a little house in suburbia, doing my best to get my work done while my charming, angel-faced two-year-old climbs all over me and plots ways to destroy my computer.

Being a multitasking mom still feels unnatural, to be honest. Heck, being a mom, period, still feels unnatural sometimes. I muddle through as best I can. Some days, my child seems like the happiest child on earth, my floors sparkle, and everything on my work to-do list is checked off. Other days, my son seems determined to bash in the walls, the house is covered in Cheerios and apple juice, my blood pressure’s off on a record-breaking ascent, and I feel like I’m thisclose to getting fired. 

Some additional (rather inconsequential) things about me: I’ve traveled a lot. I don’t travel much now. I work at least six days a week, sometimes more. Mommy groups terrify me. Most children (sometimes including my own child) also terrify me. I love to bake bread, be outside, write, floss my teeth, clean, drink coffee, eat cheese and chocolate, read the New Yorker, make up ridiculous songs for my kid, and make up ridiculous nicknames for my kid that will embarrass him later in life. I have issues with perfectionism (that explains the cleaning), cavities (hence the flossing), acid reflux (bye bye, coffee, cheese, and chocolate), and authority (which is why I work from home, far from the prying eyes of supervisors). I get stressed out easily, but when I have a chance to relax, I relax hard.

For me, WAHMyhood is a roller coaster ride, and I’m hanging on by my fingertips, barf bag at the ready.

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