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Excitement ’round these parts

August 26, 2009

1. The owner of our former property management company (we live in a condominium complex) has apparently been arrested for embezzlement. Twenty thousand dollars are missing from the HOA coffers. A few weeks ago, our HOA leaders caught wind of what was going on, hurried to transfer as much of our collective savings as they could into a new account, confronted the swindler, and hired another manager, who now has to clean up the mess. 

2. Blur started daycare this morning. We hesitated and hemmed and hawed and kind of agonized over this decision, but we think it’s for the best. Life was assuming a frenetic pace that neither WAHD nor I was keeping up with. Two and a half days a week, Blur will go to our neighbor’s house while WAHD and I work. We’re not thrilled about paying someone else to look after our child (though we certainly trust her), but the only other option is for one of us to cut back significantly. With our long-term goals, that’s not feasible. 

Anyway, Blur loved the daycare experience so much (I assume it was the combination of the other children and the Thomas the Train set) that he screamed bloody murder when it was time to come home. I can live with that. I’d rather he cry about leaving than freak out about going.

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