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August 17, 2009

WAHD and I moved to inland USA from coastal California last year. Fresh fruit stands, the ocean, moderate temperatures, excellent food, surfing competitions, and laid back, late night barbecues are among the things we miss the most. We sometimes miss our fellow Democrats, too. The taxes, long commutes, and gang violence – not so much.

I’m still acclimating to our new town. When you work from home, it’s hard to meet people. When you’re a (somewhat unsociable) mom who works from home and has a strange, unexplained fear of playdates and mommy groups, it’s especially hard to meet people. (I’m a three-time mommy group dropout. I try, but I fail every time.)

It goes in waves: sometimes, especially after we’ve had people over or joined friends for dinner, I feel like we’re making progress. Other times – like now, after having spent the last few weeks as a little three-person island – I feel like we’re never really going to be part of the community. We’re in it, but we don’t belong. We have few attachments. And frankly, I don’t always like it here all that much. It’s hot, and I’m allergic to the pollen.

Today, I’d like to be back in California. I’d like to grab a sweatshirt, walk from our house to the shore, stop for a cup of coffee at the tiny independent coffee house along the way, enjoy the sunshine and clear air, let my son play on the beach, and relax into the slow-paced surfer-culture lifestyle.

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